Forklift Motor Fuel Cylinder Exchange Service

Is your company failing to meet material handling deadlines because you are out of propane? That’s just unacceptable.

Whether your company requires daily, weekly or bi-weekly deliveries, we guarantee your deliveries as scheduled every time. We know this is a vital part of your material handling/manufacturing process.

All of our forklift cylinders receive a regular inspection every time they are refilled. Considerable efforts are taken to ensure every cylinder is properly weighted and filled to the correct filling weight.

No sticker shock with us; we invoice for each delivery when the delivery is made and your representative signs every invoice for an approved delivery, then at the close of business each and every month you will receive an itemized statement with that periods invoice attached, what an outstanding method to account for each transaction.

Safety is critical for any employee and company, therefore, we are always able to provide your employees with the proper training to comply with any and all regulations.

Commercial/Industrial Applications

From a small temporary heat job to a large steel pipe installation, our employees are well versed at propane and natural gas installations of any size and scope. We have installations at state parks, schools, churches, restaurants and warehousing.

Generators of any make and size—if it burns propane or natural gas we can hook it up and make it run.

All of our work conforms to code NFPA 54 and 58.

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Commercial Propane Safety and Regulations - Clark Propane Plus
City and Commercial Propane Services and Deliveries - Clark Propane Plus