From start to finish, our well trained and efficient staff will provide you with all of the necessary steps to get your propane system installed and performing the way it is supposed to.

We begin by knowing and following all codes and regulations pertaining to a propane system.  We will deliver and install the correct size tank for your needs and will make any and all connections to your appliance(s).  Whether for a single set of gas logs requiring a 120 gallon tank or a whole-house heating system and a 500 gallon propane tank, we have years of experience to help you. The appliance(s) are started and inspected for proper operation.  Finally, there is never a question-we always conduct a GAS CHECK with a leak/pressure test to insure that the system is leak free and performing properly.

We offer several different purchasing options for you:  Will Call Status, Courtesy Fill Deliveries, Price Protection Plans, Prepay, Budget Plans and Metered Systems.

Many other payment options for your convenience:  Cash, Check, Money Order, Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Check by Phone.  Access your account online 24/7 to pay with Credit Cards or bank transfers.  Net 30 days with approved credit, Budget Payment Accounts and Energy Assistance Payments.

Our service personnel can be dispatched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have state-of-the-art electronic metering systems on our trucks.  These meters are tested annually for accuracy by the State of Kentucky, Weights and Measurements Division and again by an independent third party.  This guarantees that your delivery will be as accurate as technology allows today.

Residential Propane Services and Deliveries - Clark Propane Plus
Residential Propane Services and Deliveries - Clark Propane Plus
Residential Propane Services and Deliveries - Clark Propane Plus

Residential Q&A

How do I read my tank gauge?

Every tank gauge is marked in percentages of the tank volume.  Example is a 320 gallon tank at 80% full (the maximum filling percentage) would be 256 gallons.

Why is there a charge if I run OUT OF GAS?

We are licensed professionals and our code to operate by is NFPA58 and the Kentucky State Fire Marshall’s Office. This code basically states that an out of gas situation is abnormal and requires further investigation. It mandates that the delivery cannot be made unless a leak test is performed before the system can be reinstated to use. Why do we charge for this action? This can and often requires considerable time on our part. This is required for your safety and economic benefits.

My propane appliance isn't working properly...why?

There are many types of issues that could cause this. Regular maintenance on any gas burning appliance is a necessity to minimize the most common problems. With 16 years of experience servicing these products, our staff can diagnose and fix almost any problem.